Latest Specials

(as at November 2013)

COU Boules $140

We have 4 sets of 72 mm diameter COU boules in 680 and 690 grams weight with one stripe.

Designed for starting to play in competitions, COUs are long-lasting hard boules in carbon steel.
They have a black gloss finish which gradually wears off with use. An effective boule on soft ground.

Super Cou Boules $220

Super cou boules are designed to provide outstanding contact with the hand.
They are a carbon steel "soft" boule with micro striation lines and have the black matt finish of the Cou brand.

The softer a boule is, the less it bounces on hard ground. This can be useful when performing a high lob shot.

These boules can be obtained in 73-76mm diameter. At present we have 3 73mm sets in stock of 680, 690 and 700 grams.

Please phone me on 04 562 8166 if you are interested in purchasing any of these boules.

Please contact us for details.

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