Obut - The Number 1 Manufacturer of Boules Equipment: We supply all of their Boules.

Boules come in as 3-boule set, one jack, a sock and a warranty card. Couier cost for 1 or 2 sets is $13 with  in NZ to none rural.($5 rural delivery cost)

Boule Diameter

To work out the size diameter boule you need the Obut guide suggest the following for an all-round player based on the length of your middle finger:

<69    = 71mm dia

69-73 = 72mm dia

74-80 = 73mm dia

81-85 = 74mm dia

86-97 = 75mm dia

> 97    = 76mm dia

(Shooters should go for a size up)

Boules Strie/Patterns for Match & Match IT

Boules Strie/Patterns are starting from the left strie O (smooth), strie 1 = (circles),  strie G (a line of little line around the middle of the boule).

Half Tendre Boules


Match IT

CX Cou


The ideal general-purpose boule

 The ideal general-purpose boule For all players – strikers, all-rounders, pointers.Ready-to-petanque kit (3-boule set, one jack and a bag).
• It combines high levels of performances with low surface marking rates.
• Bounce suits all styles of play.


The enthusiast's choice

• Top range for demanding players. Ready-to-petanque kit (3-boule set, one jack and a bag).
• Bounce suits all playing styles and all types of ground.
• Low levels of surface marking.
• “Soft” feel of stainless steel.


The finest of all the “carbon boules”

• Suits all types of ground surfaces and the most demanding players. Ready-to-petanque kit (3-boule set, one jack and a bag).
• Half-soft boule.
• Its outstanding balance is particularly appreciated by all players who like to finish by rolling their boule.
• It has the well-known black finish of the “COU” boules, which gradually wears off with use, quickly providing players with good “grip” or adherence on the ground.



The Rolls Royce of boules

• Super top range boules for the best players of petanque and Jeu Provençal. Ready-to-petanque kit (3-boule set, one jack and a bag).
• These very technically-advanced boules will allow them to accentuate the effects of their personal class.
• Made to order, to measure, set by set.
• They are used by the most famous players in France and abroad.
Specific features:
• Reduced bounce/rebound made possible by the specific elastic limit of the steel used.
• The boule surface is marked very little by impacts.
• Robust (the steel used does not have any weak or brittle areas on its entire hardness layer).
• Stainless and rust-proof.


Shooting & Low Rebound Boules



Match Plus


Low rebound shooter boule.

• For all players who appreciate the qualities of soft boules.

• Marking on impact: normal.
• Excellent controlled balance.

Strie option "0"+ smooth or

"1"as pictured above.


Top quality shooters boule.

• The only boule that combines the advantages of low hardness with the quality of stainless steel.

• Soft boule.
• Very good balance.


Incomparable performance for experienced pointers and shooters

• Its design reduces the effect of internal resonance and the bounce effect at the same time.
• It will surprise and impress players with its reduced bounce and its lack of recoil or rebound when making a “carreau” direct hit stun shot.

Strie options are "0"= Smooth or "1"=Pictured above.


Carbone / Carbon Controlled Rebound) boule

• , the second of the new generation of OBUT top-range competition boules, Ready-to-petanque kit (3-boule set, one jack and a bag)is a concentrate of all new metallurgical technologies. With this boule, OBUT uses a new carbon steel and adapts a new manufacturing concept specific to the pétanque boule.

• The RCC boule has an incomparable capacity for absorbing impact, particularly on very hard ground when playing a high-lobbed shot, and minimal rebound when playing a "plein fer" direct hit stun shot. Its new carbon alloy steel and its very advanced new treatment process give it three additional properties that win the unanimous support of pétanque champions:

“it falls well when you do a head-on stun shot”
“it remains pleasant to touch”
“it keeps its ‘anti-rebound/anti-bounce’ properties for a long time, even when used intensively”

• After being initially surprising, this boule brings out the best in attacking play on difficult ground (high lobs and "plein fer" direct hit stun shots) by good pétanque players.

• RCC is the new Obut carbon boule for a perfectly dropped shot, with controlled bounce and limited wear!


Engraving of Boules

To have boules engraved, it must be done in factory and it costs $25 per set.

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